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Most of my entries are friends locked. I have compiled all my recs and recent stories at my rec journal threerings_recs.

If you would like to be friended, please leave a comment here. I don't have a problem friending most anyone, I just like to know who's reading.

Umm, hi?

So anyway, yes I've basically abandoned this blog. I just have too many sites to keep up with both related to my steampunk blog and fannish stuff.

I HAVE started a fandom Tumblr, though.  It's mostly <i>Hannibal</i> stuff because OMG I HAVE A NEW FANDOM!!   And there are a lot of things I don't like about Tumblr,  but it's where the cool kids are, I guess.  Although I have issues checking my dash because my internet is still limited and ALL THE GIFS eat my internet, so sometimes I have to not do that.

Yeah, anyway, if you want, please follow me there and let me know who you are. kimthreerings.tumblr.com  I also have a steampunk tumblr at steamingenious.tumblr.com and of course there is my blog at steamingenious.comsteamingenious.com.


I've been anxiously waiting to get this book from Paperbackswap for freaking MONTHS. Ok, A Civil Campaign.

Here's the thing, I got this book in the mail Friday evening and I was so excited I pretty much stopped whatever I was doing to immediately read it. And I totally forgot that I used to stop every chapter or two to write stuff. I was having the best time reading this and I essentially read until my eyes couldn't stay open anymore. Then yesterday I read until I had to leave for lunch and then I got back and read until I finished the book. It was SO ENJOYABLE to devour a book that way and just sit and read, not because I didn't have anything else to do, but because reading that book was what I most wanted to be doing right then.

Anyway, so you get no liveblog. But I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. Like, it may be my favorite in the series. Or my favorite since The Warrior's Apprentice. The tagline is "A Comedy of Manners and Biology" and it SO IS. It's a perfect comedy of manners and I love every second of it. There is something Jane Austen-y about it. And I really enjoyed spending so much time on Barrayar, watching the clash of a super-traditional culture coming in contact with ultra-modern technologies and philosophies.
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I just bought "Winterfair Gifts" for Kindle.  NO REGRETS.


Threerings Rewatches The Hobbit

Hi, yes, I never come here anymore.  But since I wrote this up, I thought I'd post it.

I saw The Hobbit for the first time in the theater in 3D. I was really, really disappointed. Mostly by the 3D and the way everything looked. It looked horribly fake, and the super high def (I saw it in 48 fps or whatever) made the styrofoam rocks and wigs really stand out to me as fake. I was very disappointed, but had heard it was better without 3D by people who had seen both.

So I rented the DVD and watched it. This is mostly negative, you"ve been warnedCollapse )
Hey, ashfae, sorry it's taken so long to post this.  I finished reading it over a week ago, but I had a con out of town right afterwards and things got crazy.
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Again I have to thank ashfae who sent me this book.

Mirror Dance
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So I have more Vorkosigan liveblogs!  Ok, one.  I'll soon have more thanks to ashfae who sent me some books because she is amazing!
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Vorkosigan Saga: "Brothers in Arms"

Brothers In ArmsCollapse )

And now I'm caught up to where I currently am in the series.  Whew.


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